It’s The New Math…

It’s little wonder that the MTA is struggling with their finances:  

When I got to the train it was 11:50pm and the message board said that it would be 3 minutes until the next train.  NINE.  NINE! painstaking minutes later the train arrives.

And, wouldn’t you know it, I just missed a ferry by 4 minutes…


She Had a Baby!

While waiting for the train the other day, I was reading the headlines of the magazines at the kiosk in the train station.  US Weekly had a picture of Kourtney Kardashian (I think…whichever one just had a baby) on the front cover–with the title reading “Find Out How She Lost 40lbs!”

While I have not watched–nor will ever watch–a full episode of that show unless drugged or under duress, I’m quite sure HAVING A BABY is the bulk of her 40lb weight loss.

Of course, I’ve only read about her having a baby in the headlines of the same magazine/snack kiosk, so really this is all supposition, but I have a strange feeling I’m right…

The 5 Second Rule…

Sometimes, The 5 Second Rule does not apply.  Like when you’re in the subway and your favorite flavor of gummy bear haplessly falls out of the bag and onto the platform.

Your first thought “5 Second Rule” and then reality kicks in as you’re bending over to pick it up.  You. Are. In. The. Subway. In. New. York. City. Tragic as it is, you have to let it go.  Even if it stares at you, begging you to pick it up, so as not to leave it to the mercy of the rats…or [shudder] the petulant child who is being ignoring by his parent[s] or nanny.

Sorry, little red gummy bear–for your sake, I hope the rat finds you first…

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The other day there was a lady begging on the train, asking for money or food or anything.  This gentleman gives her a bottle of water, which she accepts, and the rest of his lunch, which she accepted after much back & forth between her and the man.  After the man gets off the train, she–mumbling loudly to herself [for the benefit of everyone observing, I’m sure]–put it under her seat and walked away saying “you just can’t trust anyone. that’s what they say.  who knows what he did to that salad.  i don’t know, you don’t know.  you just never know…nope, no food, i can’t be taking no food…”

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