It’s a Backpack, Not a Pillow

I get it, it’s the 12:30am ferry and you look like you had a hard day.  I know, but you know what?  We live in New York City, so WE ALL HAVE!  I want to catch a few zzz’s on the 25 minute trip from Manhattan to Staten Island–and I have.  But what I have not done–and hopefully will NEVER–is try to use someone else’s backpack as a pillow.

Seriously, lean the other way because if you drool on my backpack I might in-a-knee-jerk-reaction accidentally kick you off your seat.

And then I will look like the dickhead.  And I try very hard never to look like a dickhead in public, so just stay in your seat or if you must, lean on the guy sitting on the other side of you.  He looks more understanding [aka is used to looking like a dickhead in public].

That is all…thank you and have a nice day, uh, night…


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