Day 2

I know it may sound crazy, but I love to ride the ferry.  Granted, it’s a pain in the ass being held to a schedule when the buses and trains to the ferry aren’t cooperating and you just miss a ferry and are stuck hanging out in the terminal for an hour at 2:35am when allllll you want to do is be at home.  But still, the ride itself is wonderful–25 minutes of being able to unplug and disconnect and just enjoy the view.  And what a view!  Whether you like NYC or not, you have to admit the views of harbor are quite spectacular: bridges, skylines, and of course, the main attraction: Lady Liberty herself.  Standing there, during the most beautiful day and through the darkest night, serving as a beacon and symbol of our freedom and our liberty.

If I had to pick, she is my favorite part of living in NYC.  Everyone said my love of seeing her twice a day would eventually wane.  7 years in and my heart still smiles every single time.





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