Day 30

I don’t have what one would call a green thumb.  It’s more of a greyish-brown.  That is to say that if a plant is hearty I can usually keep it alive, but if it’s delicate it’s probably not going to last too long in my house.  It’s definitely not for lack of trying or wanting to have a house full of pretty plants.

It was touch and go for awhile at the beginning of the year, as I went to Texas for a few weeks and my roommates did not grasp the concept of “please water my plant” (I’m afraid to ask what, if anything, they were watering!).  But being a yellow rose plant, I just presume it’s a Texan (thus why I bought it!) and heartier than most rose plants–although perhaps rose plants are hearty by nature?  If they are, I’ll thank you not to burst my Texas bubble, thankyouverymuch!

And so with a lot of love and water, my darling plant seemed to be getting better and then suddenly, I looked over and there it was: one yellow rose peeking out to greet me.


good morning, sunshine!


Day 29

If you follow my other blog, The Epicurious Texan (shameless plug!), you know that recently I’ve been writing about Istanbul, which I think is one of the most beautiful and magical places on the planet.

The most intriguing thing about Istanbul is the intermingling of customs at an intersection of East meets West in a city divided by a river into continents.

This shot was taking right outside of the Mısır Çarşısı, Egyptian Spice Bazaar, looking out over the Bosphorus onto Europe…from Asia.  See?  Beautiful and magical.



Nothing says “work” like working on a turban that looks like…well…a well adorned sparkly penis hat.  I know that on stage it looks like an amazing turban, but up-close it’s an entirely different look.

Bachelor Party

This week’s TBT takes us back to Summer 2006 when my friends Matt and Lil got married and asked me to be in the wedding.  Since I was Matt’s friend first, I got to be a groomswoman.  Here we are at Matt’s rather low-key (despite our best efforts) Bachelor Party!

Here's to Matt and Lil and limo designated drivers!

Here’s to Matt and Lil and limo designated drivers!

Read more about it at Are You The Entertainment 🙂

Day 27

Day 2 of being sick.  Slightly less napping, which afforded me a chance to watch the AUS-NED match for the World Cup.  It was a great match and both teams fought hard.  While I’m ecstatic that Holland won, I consider Australia my second home and so it was hard to see them lose.  But they should definitely be proud of how well they played and it was, in my humble opinion, the most exciting match of the WC thus far.  Good onya, mates!


Day 26

A perfect example about why this project is amazing happened on Day 26.  I was sick.  It was definitely not a “I need a mental health” day–but a rather awful, “I spent the entire day napping” kind of sick.  And through it all, my darling pupcicle stayed right by my side, even though it was hot and I know she would have much preferred to be anywhere else in the house, enjoying a nice cool breeze rather than snuggled up with me.

And yet, she happily chose to snuggle.  So even amid all the napping, I kept having very happy thoughts that she was there, making the day ever-so-slightly less awful.



Day 25

There’s a lot of sports excitement going on!  This time: USA vs Ghana in the 2014 World Cup.  Even though Holland is my team when it comes to soccer–especially the World Cup!–I will always, always, always cheer for my country.  Probably the most awesome thing about world sports competitions (be it the World Cup or the Olympics or the Rugby World Cup or the Cricket World Cup, etc.) is that it brings countries together.  Where else are you going to see Ajax and Feijenoord fans cheering together, anyone in England on the same side as Manchester United fans, or average Americans actually watching soccer aka football aka futbol?

But there it was on the all TVs at the ferry terminal: the last couple of minutes of the USA-Ghana match and everyone is so glued to the the tv, very few people even notice that the ferry has started boarding and when they finally do are faced with a moment of truth–watch the final seconds of this historical soon-to-be-win for the USA or catch the ferry?

Having faith in my team (while harassing a close friend who played soccer for Ghana), I chose to get on a very empty ferry.

All eyes on the telly...and none on the ferry!

All eyes on the telly…and none on the ferry!


Day 24

Go Spurs Go!

Okay, okay–my secret is out: my timeline is a week off.  But you see this is done all for you…alright! it’s for my OCD, which requires me to put all my 100 Happy Days in order.  Of course, since I also like throwing in other stuff–like for TBT–it completely messes with my timeline and then when THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! it gets posted a week later.


But enough about me–let’s talk about my Spurs!  They were magical.  It was truly beautiful to see and I hope you got to see at least some of the highlights, if not the whole series.  If not, click on the links below, which highlight why the Spurs are a great team–because that’s what they focus on: the team.  And for those of you wondering why the team should be the focus and not the person–just look at the stats of the final game of the series.  LeBron James had an amazing 31 points for the game.  Kawli Leonard was the closest Spurs player with 22 points.  The difference?  The Heat relied on James for 1/3 of their total points, whereas The Spurs spread it around to everyone. And when all the players are strong, the team dominates.  In a time where the NBA likes to focus on one or two star players per team, the Spurs show time and again why that may make you popular, but it won’t guarantee you wins.

The videos below are very Spurs-centric, but c’mon–they are flipping amazing and I’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise!


I think one of the best aspects about growing up smack dab in the middle of nowhere and in a place where the beauty of nature is found in abundance is that it teaches you the ability to see the beauty of nature wherever it might present itself, such as on the way to the grocery store smack dab in the middle of New York City.

Day 22

FYI, basketball isn’t the only sport I follow.  I LOOOOOOVE sports.  And–like most Texans–I have an opinion and a team for pretty much all sports out there.  It’s true.  Except Curling.  I don’t…I just…what the hell is Curling?!?!

Anyway, the FIFA World Cup started this week and when comes to football in the form of soccer, and specifically the World Cup, I cheer for The Netherlands.  Now before you berate me and call me a bad Texan for not supporting the American team–I do!  I do!  But my love of soccer comes from living in The Netherlands and watching the Dutch play soccer, is, quite frankly a lot like watching the Spurs play basketball–it’s about the fundamentals and not the showiness.  Although, they (being the Dutch) have gotten a bit showier over the years–but the fundamentals remain and watching them pass the ball can be mesmerizing.

In the last World Cup, they were tragically beating by Spain in the finals and in a fun twist of fate, Spain was their first match this time.  And this time around, the Dutch left nothing to chance and though reports (and perhaps the world other than The Netherlands) picked Spain to win this rematch, the Dutch not only prevailed, but well…kicked some booty.



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