Day 7

Every once in awhile (or more often in my case) it’s important for one to have a silly day at work.  And for some reason (perhaps because I work for a milliner), whenever I find some spare piece of fabric or flower or jewel, I feel the need to wear it for the rest of the day!  At this point, it’s become a thing (impressive, given I’ve only worked there a few months!) and coworkers will present me with things to wear for the day.  Anyway, Ann found this piece of fabric and was trying to show me how to tie it like a 50s housewife rather than a biker (my go-to with scarves!).  We definitely had a bit of fun with this piece, as whenever someone would walk by my desk, my scarf got rearranged until this happened:

50s housewife...ish

50s housewife…ish

I asked Ann (who sits directly across from my desk) how it looked and this conversation was the result:

Ann [making a horrified face]: Oh gaaawd!  It looks awful!

Why?  What’s it look like?

Ann: It is legit sticking up 8 inches.

HA! Everyone should be so lucky to have 8 inches sticking up.

sorry, my inner 13-year old boy got the best of me ;- )


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