Day 9

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And I honestly think that my time at Starbucks was to meet some truly amazing people…and you may get to meet some more, but for now let’s start with Desire’ and Vanessa.


girls just wanna have fun!

Anyone working retail or food knows it’s not easy and anyone working retail or food in NYC knows that it gets, well, insane.  As a result, you get close with your peers and these ladies have been there through thick and thin with me, pretty much from Day 1.  We shared successes and frustrations.  We were happy; we were sad; we were stressed; we were understaffed; we were overstaffed; and despite working 50+ hours a week, we never seemed to have time to get it all done.  But we had each other–and honestly, that’s how we got through it: knowing that we had support, whatever challenges we faced.

Now we just get together to have fun!  Not nearly as often as any of us would like, but at least once a month we get together for pitchers of Blue Moon, chips & guacamole, and wings (medium with blue cheese)–and at this point, unless we have a new waitress, we don’t even have to order.




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