Day 18

Nothing beats (I hope you’re hearing this in a sarcastic voice) waking up to a puking pupcicle.  I mean, granted I don’t have children–but for those who know me, know that I’m one of those people who’s consider my darling puppy (who’s about to turn 8, btw) part of the family and, quite honestly, I like her better than I do a lot of people.  That’s not really a dig on people, mind you.  My dog is great.  And always happy, so waking up knowing that she is sick is not pleasant.  Nor is cleaning it up, because well, the bigger the dog, the bigger the puke.

Nothing major appeared to be wrong, but she got a lot of pampering and loving and by the evening, was back to her playful self.  And of course, as per Addy, barked at me as soon as she realized that I was trying to take her picture.  But I still managed to get one focused picture…



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