Day 22

FYI, basketball isn’t the only sport I follow.  I LOOOOOOVE sports.  And–like most Texans–I have an opinion and a team for pretty much all sports out there.  It’s true.  Except Curling.  I don’t…I just…what the hell is Curling?!?!

Anyway, the FIFA World Cup started this week and when comes to football in the form of soccer, and specifically the World Cup, I cheer for The Netherlands.  Now before you berate me and call me a bad Texan for not supporting the American team–I do!  I do!  But my love of soccer comes from living in The Netherlands and watching the Dutch play soccer, is, quite frankly a lot like watching the Spurs play basketball–it’s about the fundamentals and not the showiness.  Although, they (being the Dutch) have gotten a bit showier over the years–but the fundamentals remain and watching them pass the ball can be mesmerizing.

In the last World Cup, they were tragically beating by Spain in the finals and in a fun twist of fate, Spain was their first match this time.  And this time around, the Dutch left nothing to chance and though reports (and perhaps the world other than The Netherlands) picked Spain to win this rematch, the Dutch not only prevailed, but well…kicked some booty.




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