Day 24

Go Spurs Go!

Okay, okay–my secret is out: my timeline is a week off.  But you see this is done all for you…alright! it’s for my OCD, which requires me to put all my 100 Happy Days in order.  Of course, since I also like throwing in other stuff–like for TBT–it completely messes with my timeline and then when THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! it gets posted a week later.


But enough about me–let’s talk about my Spurs!  They were magical.  It was truly beautiful to see and I hope you got to see at least some of the highlights, if not the whole series.  If not, click on the links below, which highlight why the Spurs are a great team–because that’s what they focus on: the team.  And for those of you wondering why the team should be the focus and not the person–just look at the stats of the final game of the series.  LeBron James had an amazing 31 points for the game.  Kawli Leonard was the closest Spurs player with 22 points.  The difference?  The Heat relied on James for 1/3 of their total points, whereas The Spurs spread it around to everyone. And when all the players are strong, the team dominates.  In a time where the NBA likes to focus on one or two star players per team, the Spurs show time and again why that may make you popular, but it won’t guarantee you wins.

The videos below are very Spurs-centric, but c’mon–they are flipping amazing and I’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise!



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