Day 25

There’s a lot of sports excitement going on!  This time: USA vs Ghana in the 2014 World Cup.  Even though Holland is my team when it comes to soccer–especially the World Cup!–I will always, always, always cheer for my country.  Probably the most awesome thing about world sports competitions (be it the World Cup or the Olympics or the Rugby World Cup or the Cricket World Cup, etc.) is that it brings countries together.  Where else are you going to see Ajax and Feijenoord fans cheering together, anyone in England on the same side as Manchester United fans, or average Americans actually watching soccer aka football aka futbol?

But there it was on the all TVs at the ferry terminal: the last couple of minutes of the USA-Ghana match and everyone is so glued to the the tv, very few people even notice that the ferry has started boarding and when they finally do are faced with a moment of truth–watch the final seconds of this historical soon-to-be-win for the USA or catch the ferry?

Having faith in my team (while harassing a close friend who played soccer for Ghana), I chose to get on a very empty ferry.

All eyes on the telly...and none on the ferry!

All eyes on the telly…and none on the ferry!



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