Day 30

I don’t have what one would call a green thumb.  It’s more of a greyish-brown.  That is to say that if a plant is hearty I can usually keep it alive, but if it’s delicate it’s probably not going to last too long in my house.  It’s definitely not for lack of trying or wanting to have a house full of pretty plants.

It was touch and go for awhile at the beginning of the year, as I went to Texas for a few weeks and my roommates did not grasp the concept of “please water my plant” (I’m afraid to ask what, if anything, they were watering!).  But being a yellow rose plant, I just presume it’s a Texan (thus why I bought it!) and heartier than most rose plants–although perhaps rose plants are hearty by nature?  If they are, I’ll thank you not to burst my Texas bubble, thankyouverymuch!

And so with a lot of love and water, my darling plant seemed to be getting better and then suddenly, I looked over and there it was: one yellow rose peeking out to greet me.


good morning, sunshine!


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