Day 52

Nothing beats Chinese food and movie night on a dark and stormy night, especially when aforementioned Chinese food magically arrives at your doorstep 🙂



Day 50

One of the most magical things about living in New York City is leaving your house and never knowing where the day will take you. Like when you’re wandering down a random on street and there is a sidewalk flower sale–you aren’t expecting it and yet, there it was–brightening my day without any warning or expectation!


Day 49

If you are ever on The Epicurious Texan (shameless plug), you will see that I have a scrolling slideshow of pictures of all the various ways Starbucks misspells my name.  Friends fuss at me all the time because I could give them “Sherry” which is my given name, but no, I prefer to give them my nickname “Shez” because well, they’re going to spell Sherry wrong anyway, so I might as well have a bit of fun with it!  It amuses me.  I can’t help it.  I’ve seen “Shez” spelled a lot of different ways, but this one…this one takes the cake.  Why?  Because usually, I get something back that kind of, sorta-in-an-odd-weird-way looks like it could be Shez just mangled a bit.  But not this one.  Which is even funnier because the barista actually said “Shez” and with no hesitation began writing (usually, I get slightly confused looks).  My first thought was that she knows some Aussies and their crazy nicknames and is going to spell it correctly.  But no, I got…Janicle???  HA HA HA HA.  I literally laughed out loud…and still do.


PS–for the record, Starbucks, I really don’t care how you spell my name or even what you call me, just make sure my coffee is Kenya and served hot and black.

Day 48

This arrived in the mail today, announcing that I should be saving the date of the upcoming wedding of my cousin.  Of course since I’m the Maid of Honor, the date is already in my calendar…but I’d be remiss in not mentioning that it gives me the excuse of being home for Thanksgiving!  🙂


Day 47

I have both a front yard and a back yard…and while both are tiny, both are precious commodities in New York City.  Granted, it doesn’t make for a short commute, but in the grand scheme of my sanity, it’s nice being able to come home and putter around in the yard if I wish.  The problem is that not much grows well in the soil of Staten Island, so I asked a friend to send me some Texas wildflowers (THANKS SHEILA!!) thinking that if they could grow in the harsh Texas summer, they could easily handle NYC.  I was starting to have my doubts when suddenly one morning as Addy & I headed out on our morning walk, I saw these beautiful little babies.  Turns out, they’re just not to fond of cooler/wetter spring and summer and now that the heat has finally kicked in a bit, they are happy little flowers!


Day 46

There are hundreds–and probably close to thousands–of food carts all around the city.  One of my favorites sits by the ferry and serves halal food.  While I don’t get it very often, sometimes you just need to not have to worry about what’s for dinner and get a lamb & rice plate to eat on the ferry ride home–think of it as a floating picnic!!


Day 44

Day 43

Nothing beats sitting outside on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with a great friend, drinking margaritas, and catching up on life.  BUT THEN you then leave margarita establishment, wander through some shops on the way to the subway and find this little baby on sale.  The fact that it exists at all is amazing in and of itself, but that it was on sale and with a couple of margaritas your friend can be persuaded to purchase it makes for an amazing afternoon 😉



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