Day 41

I was first introduced to Hill Country BBQ because of their supply of Texas products in stock.  Granted I was on an elusive search for Shiner Bock because it was not something easily procured when I moved here.  But then I discovered that they also carry Big Red!  Now, if you’re a Texan or spent a significant time in Texas, you will know what Big Red is…if not, well, there are simply no words to convey the special-Texanness that is Big Red.  Some would call it a cream soda, but it is more…oh so much more!

But neither Shiner nor Big Red are why we are here today…it’s for the BBQ.  In honor of the 4th of July, my boss thought it would be a nice treat for the shop to have some BBQ and bought us all lunch!  It’s definitely a great–and tasty!–way to kick off 4th of July celebrations!

pulled pork and tea out of a mason jar!

pulled pork and tea out of a mason jar–I’ve just been transported back home in a blink of an eye!


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