Day 49

If you are ever on The Epicurious Texan (shameless plug), you will see that I have a scrolling slideshow of pictures of all the various ways Starbucks misspells my name.  Friends fuss at me all the time because I could give them “Sherry” which is my given name, but no, I prefer to give them my nickname “Shez” because well, they’re going to spell Sherry wrong anyway, so I might as well have a bit of fun with it!  It amuses me.  I can’t help it.  I’ve seen “Shez” spelled a lot of different ways, but this one…this one takes the cake.  Why?  Because usually, I get something back that kind of, sorta-in-an-odd-weird-way looks like it could be Shez just mangled a bit.  But not this one.  Which is even funnier because the barista actually said “Shez” and with no hesitation began writing (usually, I get slightly confused looks).  My first thought was that she knows some Aussies and their crazy nicknames and is going to spell it correctly.  But no, I got…Janicle???  HA HA HA HA.  I literally laughed out loud…and still do.


PS–for the record, Starbucks, I really don’t care how you spell my name or even what you call me, just make sure my coffee is Kenya and served hot and black.


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