Day 73

Happiness is a napping pupcicle, home from her overnight at the vet with her new bunny (a welcome home present)!  Best of all, it was all good news at the vet.  Still not sure exactly why she was sick, but we know that nothing major is wrong and her teeth are amazingly clean and in great shape! 🙂



Day 72

Day 72: the day you thought would never come!

The last month of my life has been crazy.  Not just mildly busy but am-I-coming-or-going-and-exactly-where-am-I? crazy.  Alas, what little blogging time I’ve had, I’ve thrown into Epicurious Texan.

MY APOLOGIES for leaving you hanging right smack in the middle of my 100 Days of Happy!  But now I’m back!  And will take you through the last 29 days!  I know that you know that it’s not actually been the last 29 days of my life, but I also know that you’ll just entertain me–because you’re so fabulous that way!

Anyway, Day 72 was rather stressful because the princess pupcicle had to spend the night at the vet.  The house was too quiet without her there.  I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it one bit–turns out that I don’t sleep as well if I’m not cramped into a small section of my bed because Addy has staked the rest of the bed for herself.




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