I Heart NYC #6

Today I went to a NaNo WriMo event.  1pm on a Wednesday.  Does that happen in other cities?  Maybe.  But if so, I think it’s with more concerted effort than what seemed to be organized for today.  Not to say that our group leader didn’t put in an effort or that it was random, I just think that IF it would have happened in my hometown it would have been more of a production and much more formal.

But not this.  Not today.  Not in NYC.  In total there were about 11 people that showed up.  Some stayed for an hour, some came late but everyone contributed.  We helped name a pirate ship, decide the final showdown scene, and pondered what you would call a scowl that wasn’t really a scowl, but kinda–all while writing our own ideas and thoughts to the sounds of jazz and a milk steamer.

It gave me such motivation–I wrote 4 (yep, FOUR) blog posts and had a eureka moment with my book.  I wasn’t the only one: nearly everyone seemed to report success in some fashion or another, even if it was making a new friend and leaving the house.

I know that clubs exist in every tiny town and every big city, but it nice knowing that every time I go to an event, I will more than likely meet a new person and slowly, but ever-so-surely get to meet my 8.4 million neighbors…


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