Bella’s Story: Memoirs of a Princess #11

A certain princess is 9 today.

It’s hard to believe that time has flown so quickly.  It seems like it was just a few months ago when I brought the princess home from the doggie daycare center.  At the time, I had a catahoula named Stella.


If you know anything about catahoulas, you’ll know that they need to RUN.  Since RUNNING really isn’t in my vocabulary and I was working crazy hours, I found a doggie daycare center to take Stella to 3 times a week.

On one particular day in February, I noticed a beautiful yellow Labrador puppy hanging out in the front room and didn’t think anything more about her until Stella’s next trip to DDC.  As I was picking her up that evening, the head vet tech causally mentioned Bella (the aforementioned lab puppy)  had been “living” at DDC.  Apparently her owner was living with his grandmother when he bought her.  When he moved out, he promised to be back for the puppy and 6 months later Grandma realized that (at 85) she could not take care of a–albeit sweet–very rambunctious lab puppy.  She didn’t have the heart to take her to the pound and the SPCA center was full, but they suggested bringing her to DDC since obviously it was filled with dog lovers.

Of course, anyone who met Bella fell in love with her immediately.  There wasn’t any room to keep her at DDC overnight, so the staff were taking turns taking her home for a night or two. They knew it couldn’t continue and that’s where I came in.

The only dog here who can keep up with and is willing to play with her all day long is Stella….so….would I consider adopting Bella?

I was stunned.  I mean, she looked sweet but I lived in a small apartment and it’s one thing playing all day in a neutral environment the size of a football field–it is something completely different at a home the size of a postage stamp. Plus she’s a LABRADOR PUPPY.  Everyone knows how sweet, cuddly…and destructive they are!  A LABRADOR PUPPY!

However, one look at Bella and it was so hard to say no.  Between the pleading looks of all the vet techs that were now congregating around hoping to find a forever home for Bella and the pleading-please-love-me looks of Bella, I finally relented–on two conditions:  1. that Stella was okay with Bella at home and 2.  I could change her name because yelling –ella and having nearly 150lbs of pupcicle running towards me did not seem like a wise life choice.

Stella was excited that Bella was coming home with us….right up until she realized that it wasn’t just a visit.  It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but I knew the second I got her home she was…home.

Happy Birthday my sweet Darling Princess Adelaide Grace!

Nine years is a long time to collect a ton of photos (even if your pupcicle is camera shy!)–but here are a couple hundred of my faves!!  Just kidding….sort of…


One thought on “Bella’s Story: Memoirs of a Princess #11

  1. Reblogged this on The Epicurious Texan and commented:

    Just when you had given up hope that you’d ever hear from me again…

    First, I’d like to dispel any rumors that I acquired a cow. Granted, it was suggested by my housemate on FB that perhaps we should get one, but at this moment the closest thing we have is the Princess.

    Oh you haven’t met the Princess? Well, let me introduce her. Unless of course, you know her in real life or if you follow ShezzaSpeak and have already been introduced–either way, IMHO the pictures are cute enough to scan through again 😉

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