A Fresh Start


It’s crazy to think that it’s already 2016.  It seems like it was just March 2015 and yet, here we are.

Time is a funny thing.  It passes so casually, so carelessly, so relentlessly–despite all things time marches on.  Here it is a new year.  Have you made your resolutions?  I haven’t.  Oh sure, I think “GYM!” or “SEE MORE OF THE CITY” or “WRITE MORE” or “TRAVEL MORE” but I have yet to make a plan.  And without a plan, resolutions are more like dreams and wishes–floating around in time and space until you actually decide to pluck them.

Speaking of writing, I’m always amazed at those who continue to blog when things are so crazy you’re not sure whether you are coming or going.  Then I had an epiphany (and for full disclosure, champagne may or may not be involved): it’s not the blogging I envy, it’s the planning–no, actually, not the planning: the everything else.

I must confess, I’m great at the planning and horrible at the everything else.  Life takes over, other things become more important, and I entertain thoughts of I’ll post tomorrow, which turns into next week and then suddenly, next year.  But now that it is a new year, I suppose I should just dive back in.

And for the record, I really didn’t meant to be so introspective on a Sunday morning. I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and share a laugh…so…



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