The Big Apple and Pinball

Did you know that the beloved game of pinball was banned in New York City until the law was overturned 1976?  The NYPD even performed Prohibition-style raids in places like seedy porn shops in Harlem and Greenwich Village, which is where pinball machines moved “underground” when they were made illegal in the early 1940s.

popular mechanics


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Exploring The Big Apple

If you think way, way, way, way back you may remember that before Washington, D.C. was selected, New York City was the first city to be the capital of the United States (it then moved to Philadelphia and before permanently locating to D.C.).  I’m not going to lie, it’s not anything that I think about on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis.

Then one day–not long after I moved here–I was reminded of this when exploring down by Wall Street. I came across Federal Hall and the statue that commemorates Washington’s Inauguration as the First President of the United States on April 30, 1789.


While every city in the world has it’s own unique history, there is no denying that those in the original colonies are very rich in United States history and have some great stories to tell.  Since I now live in one of these cities, I’ve decided to branch out and share with you some of the interesting history New York City has to offer.  You’ll be able to find it in future posts under “The Big Apple.”

I HEART NYC Throwback Thursday

Yesterday FAO Schwartz closed it’s flagship store on 5th Avenue, so I thought this TBT picture of Sissy & TK’s first trip to NYC was an appropriate send-off.


I HEART Ships of Old

During the summer, the harbor is filled with lots of traffic: sailboats, ferries, tour boats, water taxis, cruise ships, barges, etc.  But my favorite boat to see are the replicas of the ships from long ago.


Day 88

Bachelor Party

This week’s TBT takes us back to Summer 2006 when my friends Matt and Lil got married and asked me to be in the wedding.  Since I was Matt’s friend first, I got to be a groomswoman.  Here we are at Matt’s rather low-key (despite our best efforts) Bachelor Party!

Here's to Matt and Lil and limo designated drivers!

Here’s to Matt and Lil and limo designated drivers!

Read more about it at Are You The Entertainment 🙂

We Interrupt 100 Happy Days to Bring You…

This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures.  And it always, always, ALWAYS makes me laugh.  Thus why I felt it appropriate to interrupt my 100 Happy Days for Throwback Thursday!

It was taken the summer before I moved to NYC.  My BFF & BFFH (H is for hubby–I can see the confused look on your face right now) lived in Kentucky at the time, so I went and spent the summer with them and during one of my last weeks there, we took a trip to Tennessee.

Here we are in Nashville and I’m not sure why we wanted a picture with this horse, but we did.  The problem is that the lady in the picture was completely and totally oblivious to our picture intentions, despite the fact we were posing next to the horse and BFFH was loudly yelling “SAY CHEESE!” hoping lady would hear him and move.  But no.  She studied that horse for what seemed an eternity (perhaps she had one at home and wanted to make him a vest and scarf? Who the hell knows?!?).  Finally BFFH just snapped a shot because, well, it was priceless.

What's with the long face?

Hey lady–what’s with the long face?

Ironically, I couldn’t even tell you IF we actually got a good shot with this damn horse…but c’est la vie!

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