I Heart NYC #4

I completely love the randomness of New York City.  You start out your day running some errands, just enjoying the absolute gorgeous spring day.  Suddenly you turn the corner to head to the grocery store–and you walk smack dab in the middle of a street fair.  Since it’s about lunchtime, you do the only sensible thing there was and head to the nearest food stall, which happened to be selling brats and order one–with sauerkraut, of course!


The juiciness of the brat in combination with the tang of the kraut and the crunch of a fresh roll–it was magic.  You stroll along, eating your brat, looking at jewelry and clothing and flowers and just when you think the day couldn’t get any better…BAM! A Creperie.


Not wanting to feel toooooooo gluttonous, you just order a lemon & sugar crepe–even though the Nutella is looking very tempting!  The silky texture of the crepe served as the perfect base for the lemon and sugar.  It was just the right about of deliciousness to carry you to the end of the fair and on with your errands.



Day 3

I don’t think it’s any big secret that I love food:  hence, my other blog The Epicurious Texan (shameless plug!!).  One day a week I have an “I Don’t Leave the Island of Staten” day–and that day usually starts with something yummy for breakfast that usually includes pancakes and bacon, such as these whole wheat cinnamon pancakes schmeared in Nutella.

yummy yummy in my tummy!

yummy yummy in my tummy!


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