Because nothing makes you feel good quite like hearing it big band style, complete with choreography…

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Chalkboard Art #6

New York City streets are filled with a lot of things: people, dogs, trash, mysterious things you’re better off not knowing what they are…but my favorite things NYC sidewalks offer are Chalkboard Art.


Lipstick Kisses: Memoirs of a Princess #4

Addy has never had her colors done, but I think red is by far her best color.  And what better adornment than a lipstick kiss smack (pun intended!) dab in the middle of her forehead?  It is a classic symbol of a well-loved pupcicle (not to mention a momma’s love of red lipstick!).

Estée Lauder has never had such a cute lipstick model!

"I agreed to take ONE photo, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!"

“I agreed to take ONE photo, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!”

I Heart NYC #6

Today I went to a NaNo WriMo event.  1pm on a Wednesday.  Does that happen in other cities?  Maybe.  But if so, I think it’s with more concerted effort than what seemed to be organized for today.  Not to say that our group leader didn’t put in an effort or that it was random, I just think that IF it would have happened in my hometown it would have been more of a production and much more formal.

But not this.  Not today.  Not in NYC.  In total there were about 11 people that showed up.  Some stayed for an hour, some came late but everyone contributed.  We helped name a pirate ship, decide the final showdown scene, and pondered what you would call a scowl that wasn’t really a scowl, but kinda–all while writing our own ideas and thoughts to the sounds of jazz and a milk steamer.

It gave me such motivation–I wrote 4 (yep, FOUR) blog posts and had a eureka moment with my book.  I wasn’t the only one: nearly everyone seemed to report success in some fashion or another, even if it was making a new friend and leaving the house.

I know that clubs exist in every tiny town and every big city, but it nice knowing that every time I go to an event, I will more than likely meet a new person and slowly, but ever-so-surely get to meet my 8.4 million neighbors…

I Heart NYC #5

Granted great coffee can be found everywhere, but I especially love any place where amazing coffee clearly loves you back. Thanks Intelligentsia Coffee, Harold Square. 


I Heart NYC #4

I completely love the randomness of New York City.  You start out your day running some errands, just enjoying the absolute gorgeous spring day.  Suddenly you turn the corner to head to the grocery store–and you walk smack dab in the middle of a street fair.  Since it’s about lunchtime, you do the only sensible thing there was and head to the nearest food stall, which happened to be selling brats and order one–with sauerkraut, of course!


The juiciness of the brat in combination with the tang of the kraut and the crunch of a fresh roll–it was magic.  You stroll along, eating your brat, looking at jewelry and clothing and flowers and just when you think the day couldn’t get any better…BAM! A Creperie.


Not wanting to feel toooooooo gluttonous, you just order a lemon & sugar crepe–even though the Nutella is looking very tempting!  The silky texture of the crepe served as the perfect base for the lemon and sugar.  It was just the right about of deliciousness to carry you to the end of the fair and on with your errands.


The Enforcer: Memoirs of a Princess #3

I’ve recently inherited a cat.  He, being Toulouse, spent the first year or so of his life with us–so he is not unknown to The Princess.  He is, in fact, her kitty.


Baby Toulouse in Ambush Attack Mode

When Toulouse first moved in, he was small enough to fit in your hand–and naturally thought he could easily take on this 90lb dog he found himself following around the house.  He was always waiting for the perfect moment to strike.  His favorite spot was behind a pile of books at the top of the stairs: a well thought-out ambush spot for the Princess as she came up the stairs.   The problem, of course, being that she tended to be slightly oblivious of this ball of fur and could easily knock him down the stairs with her big ol’ labrador tail.  I’m quite sure she did a time or two.

A couple of years have passed and now Toulouse is back!  Addy, of course, still thinks of him as her kitty.  Toulouse–for some reason unbeknownst to me–will even allow her to bathe him (although he always looks mortified while she’s licking him).  I’m quite sure that he tips over his dinner bowl, allowing Addy to clean it out for him.  I keep telling both of them that cat food is bad for dogs, but all I get are blank “she must hate us” stares.

In the last couple of weeks since Toulouse has moved in, I’ve seen lots of pouty Princess faces, however, she always has my back when I’m fussing at Toulouse to stop clawing the furniture or to get off the countertop.  Addy is more than happy to chase after him, barking reminders at him Get off the counter!  Stop clawing!  Don’t make Momma yell! Come back you need a bath!

I think this is helping him learn quickly what he can/cannot do because not only am I fussing, but reenforcing this is Addy, barking and chasing him around the house.  Double whammy!  Poor Toulouse.  Meanwhile, Addy smiles at me I got this Momma, I got this.

Best seat in the house: a sunny window and far out of reach of a certain cold, wet nose…

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